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Welcome to Purity Hemp Products Inc.

Purity Hemp is located under two hours east of Toronto and three hours south-west of Ottawa, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  Our Ontario base location makes our hemp accessible province wide as well as for those who reside south of the border.  At Purity Hemp we do everything from growing hemp to pressing and packaging final products.  Start to finish processing allows us to provide products at competitive prices with freshest quality.

Our customer base extends from human consumption to animal supplementation, catering to horses and dogs.  We specialize in producing local hemp seed oil, hemp nuts and hemp pellets.

Hemp is an amazing crop that offers many health benefits.  One of the best reasons to consider hemp is that it does not require herbicides or pesticides to achieve a successful crop.  All of our products provide the best quality for omega oils in the diet.  Hemp contains a rare profile of omega 3, 6, 7, 9, SDA and GLA fatty acids.  You haven’t experienced the omega difference until you try our hemp products.


Contact us: 1(888) 547-8112   (705) 760-9810  fax # (705)760-9703
or by email: purity@nexicom.net